Frequently Asked Questions

How to backup / restore complete all website information in WordPress ?

The WordPress program does not have the backup / restore functions built-in, but you can free download and install a third-party program to do so, such as: “All-in-One WP Migration”. After install the plugin program, the new tag of “All-in-One WP Migration” will display on the left side menu bar in the WordPress. You can simply click the tag to run it. Please note there are 3 options when running the plugin program: Export, Import, Backup.
“Export” means backup all of the website information and save into a compressed file. This is used when you want to move your website to a new web hosting company.
“Import” is used for restoring a website backup file that created by “Export” previously.
“Backup” has 2 functions: backup and restore. It is used for backup or restore website file within the same web hosting company.

How to backup / restore QuickBooks 2020 Desktop ?

QuickBooks 2020 Desktop program has the backup and restore features built-in. To run it, you can simply left click the “File” tag on the top menu bar.   A new pull down menu will show on the display.   Left click “Create Backup”, then it will guide you to backup your QuickBooks accounting data and save to certain location.
To restore QuickBooks 2020 Desktop data file, you can simply left click the “File” tag on the top menu bar in the QuickBooks 2020 Desktop.   A new pull down menu will show on the display.   Left click “Restore Previous Local Backup”, then it will guide you to restore your QuickBooks accounting data that previously created by “Backup” from certain location in your computer.

The best anti-virus program for SMB (Small Business)

Many popular anti-virus programs can block / scan / clean computer viruses, but Avast Business CloudCare is the best for small businesses. Why? Because it not only can block / scan / clean the computer viruses, but it also can automatically email an “Alert” message to specific persons who look after your computer technical issues. Usually computer uses do not understand too much detailed terms of security issues. When the “Alert” generated by the Avast CloudCare Server, your technical support persons can contact you immediately by phone or by email, and inform you that your computer is having a virus issue now, please do not open the specific links in your computer; or telling you to backup your files to an external drive to empty some space, because your hard disk is running out capacity now; etc.. Therefore, this is ideal security program with reasonable price for a small company which does not have a dedicate computer technician there.