About Us

Established the computer business since 1994, OTEC focuses on customer’s experiences and offers reliable computer products, fast IT services, as well as reasonable corporate rates for business clients, such as universities & school-boards, branches or department offices, accounting firms, shops, factories, and other professionals in B.C., Canada.

OTEC’s office is located in the downtown Vancouver, Canada. The company initially only sells and repairs computer systems. Nowadays it also offers comprehensive technical supports and IT training services for local customers, such as setup client’s networks & servers, accounting systems / ERP / CRM, emails & websites & data securities. There are more and more local companies contracting OTEC as their dedicate IT products and services vendor in the Great Vancouver area.

Our Products

Computer Hardware & Software

Selling / leasing various computers and office equipment to corporate clients.

IT Extension Care Plans for Businesses

Reselling IT product extended warranties or subscription renewals with corporate rates

Network Security Products

  1. Network surveillance cameras & recorders.
  2. Network security products for ransomware.
  3. WiFi & LAN & Internet security monitoring & filtering products.

IoT Products

IoT appliances, sensors and subscription plans.

Accounting & ERP & CRM Products

Accounting & ERP & CRM packages and subscriptions for SMB business customers.

Data Storage Centres

Cloud private storage drive for company data backup / restore management.

Our Services

IT Consulting for SMB

Specialised in computer total solution consulting services for small businesses.

Web Developing Services

  1. Planning complete Internet marking strategy
  2. Website hosting, designing, promoting and updating services

IT Support & Troubleshooting

Onsite & online computer services in both hardware and software for local companies.

QuickBooks Consulting

Focus on Intuit QuickBooks system planning, licensing, data implementation, customizing reports

Sage Accounting Consulting

Focus on Sage Accounting system planing, licensing, data implementation, customizing reports

IT Management Training

 Training clients how to manage their data backup schedule & risk control,  company IT policies, shared files rights & permissions, network security monitoring & alerts, IT budgeting and documentation, warranty & license & subscription, etc.

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Unit 231 – 515 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6H5

Office Hours:
9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.